Laura Pershin Raynor-green

As a child, I was a story sponge whenever family gathered. All it took was a “tish mit menschem”, a table with people, for the stories to fly. My Grandma Dinah, who lived to be 105 years old, raised me on the tales of the Old Country, providing me with a landscape for my own stories.  As a fourth generation storyteller from a family filled with wacky characters, I have been telling tales of secret messages, delicious recipes gone wrong and outrageous tricksters, for the past thirty years.  I’ve had the honor of performing as a Teller in Residence at the International Storytelling Center , and I’ve been featured at the Celebration of Light Festival in TX, the Timpanogos Festival in UT and the Mariposa Festival in CA, to name a few.

“What a glorious evening! With eyes opened wide we were spellbound as we traveled the world in your stories. You were rollicking, silly and joyful!”

Marian Rafal

Bloomfield Hills Public Library

“It is a tribute to your talent that the praise for you was unanimous from students, teachers and staff. It is a tribute to the art of storytelling that in the age of technonoise, the live word can be so compelling.”

Philip Mangano

Boston Public Schools

“What wonderful stories about your family! Very moving and well told.  Many audience members were moved to tears by you!”

Jeanne Mackey

Many Voices Festival

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