The stories on my CDs are childhood snapshots filled with vivid images, with the hope that they will spark memories for every listener.

Well Kept Secret Cover

A Well Kept Secret  

Lively and funny family tales of immigration, love and tradition create a bridge from Russia to America and the past to the present.


Summertime & ….

Surprising summer stories about garage bands, mysterious celebrities and city slickers in the not so Wild West.

All Dressed Up Cover

All Dressed Up

Ferocious pet parakeets, strange gifts from Miami Beach and ancient family recipes make up this humorous story collage.

Tough Cookies#1A2B-72

Tough Cookies

Cootie shots, Yiddish curses, Bleeding Madras, Tater Tots and International intrigue spice up the pot in this story brew about girls with pluck.

“Laura’s CD, A Well Kept Secret, is superb. After listening to her first story about her grandmother’s journey from Russia to Chicago, you feel part of her family.  Laura’s voice  creates a silence inside the listener that is breathtaking.”  Jay O’Callahan

“Laura Pershin Raynor, our long time friend and terrific storyteller, has four CDs of tales of her childhood and family.  The stories, aimed at older children and adults, are by turns delightful, funny, nostalgic and heartwarming.”  Gemini – San and Laz Slomovits