Programs and Workshops

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Schools and Libraries

Stories filled with spunky characters, fascinating adventures and lots of audience participation. I offer a variety of programs for a wide range of listeners from preschool through high school.

My Father, the Trickster

Original tales of mischief and surprise for older children, teens and adults.

Just Imagine

Magical folktales from many cultures for all ages.

Hand Me Down Tales

Stories from family and folklore in the Jewish tradition for all ages.

Tales for Tots

Traditional and contemporary stories told with puppets and props to delight the very youngest listener.


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Kindle the Flame

How do we teach young people to value and tell their own stories? Learn practical techniques to guide children and teens in interviewing elders and sharing tales from their family heritage.

Bobe Mayses

With the candle lighting and good food come the “bobe mayses” (grandmother stories). ┬áIn this workshop we will explore the celebrations of the Jewish people through traditional and family folklore.

Participation Potpourri

How to involve the youngest listeners through rhythmic chants, movement, singing and call and response techniques that are easy, natural and fun for all.